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The Benefits of Going on Trail Rides

Benefits for the horse and the rider...

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My experience with trail rides has been pretty incredible and crazy at the same time. Going on trail rides has taught me to get out of my comfort zone (and I think it has taught the horses I have ridden that as well – ha ha). While on trail rides I have come face to face with some amazing and breathtaking moments, but also some frustrating and terrifying moments (encountering a HUGE moose about 5 ft away with my friend, was one of them). So, basically every trail ride I have been on has been an adventure. Trail rides have MANY fantastic benefits for every horse rider and their horses and they have definitely helped me develop as a more well rounded rider. Today, I am going to share some of the benefits for both horse and rider that I feel come from going on trail rides. I hope that by seeing the benefits you will become more open to maybe going on a couple trail rides because, trust me, they are totally worth it.

Posted by Horse Chat with Keeley