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She Moved To Texas

Horse blog in the lone star state

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My adventures trying to find success in the hunter/jumper world as a working adult amateur with an ottb.

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An Influx of Temples in Kyoto

For the first half of my Japan trip, Kyoto was burning a hole in the back of my head. Each time we saw a temple in Tokyo or any of the other towns we visited I couldn’t help but think, I wonder how much more awesome they’re going to be in Kyoto. Once I got there, […]

What I’ve Tamed

I’ve written about The Little Prince on this blog before. I wrote about how Tim’s crooked path led me to discover the book (as many other things I’ve discovered), and how it helped grieve the loss of him. The words in that little children’s book gave a different meaning to death, and I needed them at […]

Summer Adventures with Captain Nerd Horse

Long time readers will know that a certain nerdy bay horse has been absent from this blog a lot this summer. Fear not, it’s not due to any hidden injury or drama that I can’t post about. Simon is being Simon, and things are going well. The reason that I haven’t been blogging about him, […]

My New Bae Samurai Cat

This is one of those time periods where life is hard and lonely and I don’t want to do anything but watch Netflix in bed with my dogs. That doesn’t make for insightful writing, so let’s talk about something near and dear to my heart — Samurai Cat. Hikone is a town that we stopped […]

Two Years

Sunday is the two year anniversary of Tim’s death. In the two weeks leading up to this milestone, I dreamt about him often. I dreamt that I was in a van traveling up the east coast, carrying his suitcase and things around with me. He traveled with me in the cargo area, but nobody else […]