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My adventures trying to find success in the hunter/jumper world as a working adult amateur with an ottb.

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Reading Roundup – April

This is a month where I both read a lot and also gave up on finishing some books – one I’ll review here today and one I’ll skip. Anyway the books this month bring something for everyone I think. We have a memoir, a high drama fiction and a nonfiction nature study. Let’s begin! “There […]

On Writing

Writing is not life, but I think that sometimes it can be a way back to life. – Stephen King, “On Writing” I’ve made a lot of incorrect assumptions in my life. I assumed any Thoroughbred trained for racing would have easy lead changes. I assumed that if you were nice to people, paid your […]

Austin Hunter Derby

The derby is over and Simon is extremely relieved that he doesn’t have to wear braids for probably at least another year. We came, we saw and we huntered. For us, it was a personal best. Since we’re not exactly hunters, my goal for the derby is usually just survival and photographs. Mid-last week I […]

Shooting into the Sun

I’ve long considered myself a shamateur photographer. While I can reliably produce shots from horse shows that are marketable (in my opinion), portraits and other types are photography are a whole different ball game. I discovered a long time ago that if I wanted to get good enough to offer services as a serious professional, […]

Jumper Derby Horse

I have a jumper derby horse. Not like the cool kind of jumper derbies where we fly down banks or do anything remotely outrageous… because we all know by now that I’m a chicken shit and won’t be trying anything crazy. No, Simon is a jumper derby horse because we approach hunter derby courses with […]