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The adventures of an average rider’s journey in Dressage. Or something like that.

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In which we rise from the dead

8 July 2015

You might have heard that we had a wee bit of rain.

That, plus work, has meant that we haven’t ridden a lot over the past few months. However, I am happy to say that the rides we have had have been outstanding. Fin and I are really coming together as a pair; he’s past the green-green stage and feels much more confident in himself and his job; at the same time, I have become much more confident...

Snippets from the clinic this weekend

19 March 2015

Our riding clinic this weekend went well, overall.

We spent the first day establishing some baseline exercises and responses with the clinician. As mentioned, some of the highlights were some steps of collected walk. And marching around a water-covered arena like a champ. Small victories.

The second day we really went to work, with a little more lateral work and changes within the gaits.


All the pretty ponies

18 March 2015

Well, one pony. Technical a horse. Whatever.

A few weeks ago, Bob Langrish did a photography clinic and Fin was one of the model horses. The clinic participants (and Bob!) were kind enough to send some of their photos to those of us whose horses were used during the clinic, so I got some pretty awesome pictures of Fin—and permission to share them.

Photo by Bob Langrish:

Photo by Lisa...

Progress Check

14 March 2015

Fin and I are participating in a clinic this weekend.

We had a few inches of rain dumped on us last weekend, and just as the arena was starting to dry out a second round of rain came through, so things are a bit soggy. And by soggy, I mean I may have seen a snorkel or two at the barn.

However, the arena has an excellent base and was very rideable. Just wet.

So we had our first ride today.


What it’s like owning a delicate flower

6 March 2015

Fin is a Texan through and through. If he were a person, the mere rumor of temperatures dropping below 50 degrees would send him running to the store in a panic, where he would buy bread, milk, butter, a 10-pound bag or Oreos, all the buttered popcorn everywherez, and nachos.

Then he would run back home and burrow into his bed and refuse to come out until Spring.

As it is, he gets a blanket...