First fall off my lesson horse…....

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So.. Today I was in my lesson and we were cantering up to a jump and Apple Jack decides to go over the first jump but then thinks it would be fun to dodge the second jump and I went splat on the ground.. I was fine though and started cracking up while I was sitting on the ground on the mud….. Anyway I got back on and did it again. I think I should tell you guys a little bit of info about me.. So I ride every Saturday at 10:00 am on a Flaxen Chestnut 15.2hh QHxASH called Apple Jack or AJ for short. I also part own a 10hh Strawberry Roan Shetland cross called Rusty, he is cute but also a little shit. So that’s about it well, I go for Melbourne Storm in the NRL and Queensland in the NRL State Of Origin. My Instagram is @equine.lxfe

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