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5 Must-Haves for the New Horse Owner

Essentials for every horse owner!

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Owning a horse brings a lot of excitement, but it does take a lot of responsibility and commitment as well. You have to be able to care for the horse and have the money to provide for your horse too. Before buying a horse, it is especially important to set out a plan such as your goals, budget plans, and to make a list of what you will need to help support your horse, not to mention the vet and farrier bills. To make that “planning” a little easier, today I am giving you 5 must-haves for a new horse owner. This is really helpful if you are stuck and don’t know what the first steps are in taking care of your horse. I hope this post helps all of you new horse owners out there and gives you a good idea of what owning a horse is all about. Enjoy!

Posted by Horse Chat with Keeley