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Can I add profiles for blogs I don’t own?

Yes, although I would encourage you to contact the blog owners instead and recommend that they create their own profiles.

However, in the event that the blog owner joins after you create the profile, the profile will be transferred to them. If they contact me and request the profile be removed, I’ll honor their wishes.

Someone else added my blog to the site. What do I do now?

Contact me. Include as much information as you can—your blog name and URL and the URL to the profile on this site will be especially helpful.

If you’d like to take over management of the profile, I’ll work with you to transfer the profile to your account or to delete any duplicates in the system.

If you’d like the profile removed entirely, I’ll do that too.

I don’t have a blog, but I want one.

There are many free online blogging sites you can use to get started. Some of the most popular include

You will need little—if any—technical knowledge to start and run your blog, so dive in!

Will you host my blog?

No. This site is a directory only.

The link to my blog is not working.

Make sure you included http:// at the beginning of your blog URL.

Also, remember this is a directory, not a blog hosting site. You cannot create a blog at this site. It allows you to list a blog you have hosted elsewhere, to help more people find your blog.

I’m having issues with my blog feed displaying in my profile.

Make sure you have the correct URL for your feed (not the same as the URL to your blog) and that it includes http:// at the beginning.

If everything looks right and the feed still doesn’t work, or you aren’t sure how to verify if the URL is correct, contact me and I’ll do what I can to help.